There is large numbers of youth and students in poor and backward class society who has to discontinue their education, due to poor economic condition and also various problems in their life. sometimes they discontinue the study due to lack of awareness the value of education and also some are because of uneducated parents. But some of the poor students also very ambitious for their future, career and for the development society. In such cases, UrsDay’ is there to stand with them to encourage, to support and to motivate them. UrsDay provide skill training courses for them which they can choose their interested field. Like Computer courses, Digital Marketing, web designing, Graphic Designing, CLAT coaching etc.

Skill Training program- If you are a Trainer in this particular field, You too can join us to this program. It will be great help and support. Atleast, One poor student life will change into a Brighter one.

Skill Training program for poor students