Motivation and encouragement

Through this Program, we filter out potential students who are intellectually sound, socially responsible, kindness in Heart, have a big aspirations in life, ability to manage team,etc. we put them in special batch of “Big Dreamers”.

Big Dreamers: this is specially design high intellectual & talented team with about qualities. we conduct special training program for those students which include-

  • memory power techniques
  • logical reasoning & math aptitude training
  • Debating & creative writing skills
  • Reading skills
  • team work & decision making skills
  • analytical skills
  • General knowledge & social awareness Programs
  • exposure of Big Dreams, personalities , arts, social reformers, businessmans, politicians, lawyers, scientist, religious monks,etc
  • personal counselling/mentoring for individual interests
  • career Guidance & critical analysis of their personality & career they like to choose
  • Internship in favorite area/ hobbies/domains/organisations/movements
  • teaching & mentoring leadership & support in their actions as to be the top social sensitized leaders in their favorite fields (throughout 10 years after education)
  • After 5-10 years of expertise & experience, we ask them to be leader (yoddha) who can train/mentor others(juniors) in similar fashion & continue creating leadership.